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How To Install Fishing Streams Addon On Kodi


The process of installing the Fishing Streams Addon on Kodi is a necessary step for enthusiasts who want to enjoy fishing on their screens. By following a few easy steps, it’s possible to tune into live fishing streams from around the world. Additionally, with this addon, users can also access fishing tutorials and documentaries.

To begin the installation process, you need to ensure that Kodi is up-to-date and functional on your device. From there, you can visit the Settings menu within Kodi before clicking on File Manager and adding a new source. The next few steps involve selecting the correct repository and then downloading the Fishing Streams Addon.

It’s worth noting that while this addon can be incredibly useful, users should always exercise caution when accessing content online, avoiding any illegal streams or questionable sources. It’s important to respect copyright laws and seek out legal alternatives if these are available.

Fishing has long been a popular pastime in many cultures around the world – dating back to ancient times as far as 40,000 years ago when indigenous Australians fished with traditional tools in rivers and seas surrounding their continent. Today, technology has made it possible for anglers to enjoy fishing experiences from digitally curated locations via addons like Fishing Streams on Kodi.

Get hooked on Kodi with this overview of the popular streaming platform.

Kodi Overview

Kodi, a popular media player, allows users to stream various kinds of content on their devices. It boasts of a customizable interface and supports multiple platforms. Kodi has an active community that creates add-ons like Fishing Streams to enhance its functionality and add more content options.

To get the most out of Kodi, users can customize it by installing add-ons specific to their needs. One such addon is Fishing Streams, which enables users to access live fishing channels and videos from around the world. The installation process for this addon is simple and requires only a few steps.

  1. Once installed, users can enjoy various Fishing streams that offer real-time coverage of fishing tournaments, advice from expert fishermen and other informative content on fishing.
  2. With Fishing Streams installed on Kodi, users have access to a vast library of fishing videos and channels updated regularly by the community.

Fishing streams have gained immense popularity among the fishing community worldwide as they provide an excellent source of entertainment and information. According to a recent study published in Outdoor Life Magazine, an increasing number of people are relying on streaming services like Kodi for their outdoor leisure activities and hobbies such as fishing.

Get ready to hook the big one with these simple steps for installing the Fishing Streams Addon on Kodi.

Steps to install Fishing Streams Addon on Kodi

To install Fishing Streams Addon on Kodi with ease, you need to follow a few simple steps. Check Kodi version, allow unknown sources, add the source URL, install the repository, and install the Fishing Streams Addon. Follow these sub-sections one by one and get ready to stream your favorite fishing shows and live events on Kodi.

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Check Kodi version

To ensure the compatibility and smooth functioning of Fishing Streams Addon on Kodi, it is essential to check your Kodi version. This step is crucial as there are different versions of Kodi available, and Fishing Streams Addon requires a specific version for optimum results.

Step-by-step instructions to check your Kodi version:

  1. Open Kodi on your device.
  2. Click on the gear icon located at the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Select ‘System Information.’
  4. On the right side of the screen, you will find options like ‘Hardware,’ ‘Storage,’ ‘Display,’ etc. Scroll down until you find the option named ‘Summary.’
  5. Here, you will find a box that shows your current Kodi version number.

It is worth mentioning that some users might need to update their Kodi software if they are using an older version than required for Fishing Streams Addon. With constant updates and upgrades to enhance user experience and resolve issues in older versions, it is always recommended to stay updated with newer releases.

Before installing Fishing Streams Addon on Kodi, let us take a brief look at its history. The Addon was developed by Mr._Blamo, who was a popular third-party provider during his time. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2019 due to unknown reasons. However, his contribution towards developing unique addons for the Kodi community remains unmatched.

Unleash your inner rebel and allow Kodi to embrace the dark side by enabling Unknown Sources.

Allow Unknown Sources

To begin installing Fishing Streams Addon on Kodi, you must perform a crucial configuration on your device: Enabling the installation of apps from unfamiliar sources.

Here’s how to enable it in five easy steps:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ by clicking on the gear icon in the top left corner of the Kodi Homepage.
  2. Select ‘System Settings’.
  3. Navigate and click on ‘Add-ons’ in the left sidebar.
  4. Turn on ‘Unknown Sources’ by toggling the switch.
  5. Accept the warning message by selecting ‘Yes’.

It is important to note that enabling this feature will expose your device to certain risks that come with downloading applications from unknown sources. Therefore, you should take caution and only install apps that have been vetted or are trusted.

Pro Tip: If you do not need to enable apps from unfamiliar sources regularly, it is wise to disable the feature after installing Fishing Streams addon.

Make sure your source URL is legit, or you’ll be reeling in more than just fish with this addon.

Adding Source URL

To set up the Fishing Streams Addon on Kodi, you need to add the source URL from where you can download and install it. Here is a concise 4-step guide to adding source URL to Kodi:

  1. Open Kodi and click on the gear icon at the top-left corner to access settings.
  2. Select ‘File Manager’ and then click on ‘Add Source.’
  3. A window will appear asking for the path or Browse for a media location.’ Click on ‘Browse’
  4. Type in or copy and paste onto the dialogue box. Then, name it whatever you want (usually “Golden Gun”), then hit OK.
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After following these four steps carefully, you will add the source URL successfully, enabling you to complete the next installation step quickly.

It is notable that adding any incorrect URLs can adversely affect your system’s performance. Hence ensure that you input the correct URL.

Don’t miss out on experiencing your favorite fishing streams by not installing this addon. Quickly follow these simple steps to get started today! Get ready to reel in the install process with these simple steps for adding the Fishing Streams repo to your Kodi setup.

Installation of Repository

To successfully add the Fishing Streams Addon to Kodi, users need to install the repository that contains it. This can be done by following a few simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Kodi homepage and click on the gear icon in the top-left corner. Next, click on ‘File Manager,’ then on ‘Add-source.’
  2. In the pop-up window, select ‘None’ and enter the URL of the repository- for Fishing Streams it is Name and save the repository before clicking OK.
  3. Now, return to Kodi’s homepage and select ‘Add-ons.’ In this submenu, click on ‘Install from zip file’ and find your previously saved repository.
  4. Once selected, follow any additional prompts until you receive a successful installation notification.
  5. Finally, return to Kodi’s homepage one last time and navigate to ‘Add-ons,’ then click on ‘Install from Repository.’
  6. Find your newly installed repository on this list and locate Fishing Streams under its subheadings. Click install – when completed you will be notified.

It is important to note that while installing repositories outside of official channels may seem harmless, users must always exercise caution and consider their security. As with any new installation or download from unknown sources online, it is advisable to run regular virus scans and other protection measures on your device.

Don’t worry, installing the Fishing Streams Addon on Kodi is easier than catching a fish in a barrel.

Installation of Fishing Streams Addon

If you want to install the Fishing Streams Addon on Kodi, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open Kodi and click on ‘Settings.’
  2. Click on ‘System’ and then select ‘Add-ons.’
  3. Choose the option ‘Install from repository’ and select the Kodi Add-on Repository.
  4. Scroll down to find the Fishing Streams Addon and click on it to install.

To enhance your experience, ensure that you have a reliable internet connection and sufficient storage space before installation.

Don’t miss out on this amazing addon for streaming fishing videos. Follow these simple steps today!

Why catch actual fish when you can just troubleshoot your Fishing Streams Addon on Kodi instead?


To troubleshoot common issues when installing the Fishing Streams add-on on Kodi, refer to the following solutions. If you encounter any installation problems, our first sub-section provides common issues that users may face. Refer to the second sub-section for the best solutions to make sure that your add-on is working correctly.

Common issues

Here are some key points to consider while addressing these recurring problems:

  • One of the most common issues is connectivity errors that can be caused by network configurations or hardware malfunctions.
  • Virus or malware attacks can wreak havoc on files and applications, causing slowdowns and crashes.
  • Users may face software compatibility challenges when trying to install new programs or updates, especially with older operating systems.
  • Occasionally, users forget their login credentials or encounter password-related problems when attempting to access secure accounts.
  • Hardware failure is another common issue that requires proper diagnosis and maintenance to resolve the problem effectively.
  • Inadequate software optimization or device maintenance can slow down system performance, leading to frequent crashes. Regular checks can help detect potential threats before they turn into problems.
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It is worth noting that other unique details specific to different devices and services may cause additional challenges that require expertise beyond basic troubleshooting skills. Nonetheless, it’s essential always to stay vigilant in detecting these recurring issues regardless of the device type.

Pro Tip: It’s crucial to research solutions before attempting any advanced troubleshooting procedures as they could cause further damage.

No problem is too big or small for a good troubleshooter – although, let’s be real, some problems are definitely more entertaining than others.


For those experiencing issues, here are some suggestions to resolve the problem at hand.

Try exploring the solutions in the table below:

Solution Steps
Clear browser cache
  1. Open browser settings
  2. Clear browsing data
Restart device
  1. Press and hold power button
  2. Tap restart
Check internet connection
  1. Test internet on another device
  2. Contact service provider

It’s important to note that each solution may vary depending on the specific issue at hand.

To further assist in troubleshooting, utilizing a support team or seeking out additional resources can aid in finding a resolution quicker.

In one instance, a user was having trouble accessing a website due to an outdated version of their web browser. Upon discovering this solution, the user was able to access the website without any further issues.

Looks like Troubleshooting just got a little less troublesome, or maybe that’s just the power of dark humour at work.


After installing the Fishing Streams Addon on Kodi, you can now enjoy a wide range of fishing channels and videos. To ensure the best experience, make sure to update the addon often and check for broken links regularly.

In addition, it is recommended to have a VPN installed to protect your online privacy while using Kodi addons. Additionally, clearing cache and disabling metadata collection can help in improving addon performance.

Remember that unauthorized streaming of copyright content may be illegal in your country. Always use reliable sources and obey local laws while streaming online content.

By following these suggestions, you can have a safe and enjoyable streaming experience with Fishing Streams on Kodi.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fishing Streams Addon?

Fishing Streams Addon is an add-on for Kodi that allows you to stream fishing videos, tutorials, and other related content on your Kodi device.

How do I install the Fishing Streams Addon on Kodi?

You can install Fishing Streams Addon on Kodi by downloading the necessary repository zip file and installing it through Kodi's add-on manager. Alternatively, you can use a third-party Kodi add-on installer like Kodi Bae.

Are there any prerequisites to installing the Fishing Streams Addon on Kodi?

Yes, you will need to have Kodi installed on your device and have the appropriate settings enabled to allow for the installation of third-party add-ons. You may also need to install a repository before you can install the Fishing Streams Addon.

Is Fishing Streams Addon available on all Kodi versions?

Yes, Fishing Streams Addon is compatible with all Kodi versions, including Kodi 18 and 19.

Is Fishing Streams Addon safe to use?

As with any third-party Kodi add-on, there is always a risk of malware or other security issues. However, if you download and install the Fishing Streams Addon from a reputable source, it should be safe to use.

Can I download fishing videos from the Fishing Streams Addon?

No, the Fishing Streams Addon only allows you to stream fishing videos and other related content. You cannot download them for offline viewing.
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