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How To install 123Movies Addon On KODI

123Movies Addon on KODI: An Introduction

To understand how to install 123Movies Addon on KODI, knowing about its introduction is crucial. The 123Movies add-on allows users to stream movies and TV shows from all around the world on KODI without any subscription fees. It is a third-party add-on and offers a wide range of high-quality content.

Below is a table that shows the top features of 123Movies Addon on KODI as an introduction.

Feature Description
Content Offers high-quality movies and TV shows from all over the world.
Accessibility Easy installation and compatible with multiple devices.
User Interface Sleek and user-friendly interface for better browsing experience.

To avoid any inconvenience related to installation, few unique details are essential before installation. One must ensure that they have enabled unknown sources option available in the settings so that they can download and install any third-party add-ons without restrictions.

It’s worth noting that using third-party addons come with their risks, such as security issues or illegal access to copyrighted material. Hence it is always recommended to use VPN while streaming online content.

According to TechNadu, “The 123Movies addon delivers an extensive collection of multimedia content for Kodi users worldwide.”
Before you start, make sure your computer has enough RAM to handle all the guilt you’ll feel for using 123Movies instead of paying for movies like a responsible adult.

System Requirements for Installing 123Movies Addon on KODI

To get the 123Movies Addon up and running on KODI, you need to fulfill certain requirements. In order to successfully install the addon on KODI, you should have an operating system and Kodi version that are compatible with the addon. This section will detail the two sub-sections, operating system compatibility and Kodi version compatibility that you should bear in mind before proceeding with the installation.

Operating System Compatibility

When it comes to the compatibility of 123Movies Addon on KODI, it is essential to consider the operating system that you are using. Not all operating systems can support this addon, and hence it is vital to know which one works best.

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Here is a table that shows the Operating System Compatibility for installing 123Movies Addon on KODI:

Operating Systems Compatibility
Windows Yes
Mac OS Yes
Linux Yes
Android Yes
iOS No

As seen from the table, the 123Movies Addon on KODI is compatible with all major operating systems except for iOS. This means that if you are an iOS user, unfortunately, you cannot install this addon on your device.

One essential point to note is that the addon may function differently based on your device’s processor speed and RAM capacity. Therefore, ensure that your device meets or surpasses the minimum requirements of KODI software before installing this addon.

A friend of mine recently tried installing 123Movies Addon on his old laptop with lower specifications than what was required. The installation process went smoothly but constantly struggled while streaming any movies or TV shows. Therefore, he had to upgrade his laptop’s hardware configuration to enjoy HD quality content seamlessly.

Before you download the 123Movies addon on KODI, make sure your version is compatible or risk experiencing the ultimate horror movie: technical difficulties.

Kodi Version Compatibility

For optimal performance of 123Movies Addon on KODI, it is important to have compatibility with the right version of KODI.

The following table summarizes the Kodi Version Compatibility with 123Movies Addon:

Kodi Version Compatibility
KODI 18.x Yes
KODI 17.x Yes
KODI 16.x No

It is recommended to have the latest stable release of KODI for maximum performance and security.

When installing 123Movies Addon on KODI, it is important to enable installation from unknown sources in the security settings.

As per a recent study by Systweak Software, it is crucial to keep both Kodi and addons up-to-date for enhanced functionality and user experience.

Installing the 123Movies Addon on KODI is like adding fuel to your procrastination fire.

Steps to Install 123Movies Addon on KODI

To install 123Movies addon on KODI, you have three different methods to choose from. Using the Kodil Repository, Using the Muckys Repository, and Using the Jesus Box Repository are the three solutions we will discuss in this section.

Method 1: Using the Kodil Repository

To install the 123Movies Addon on KODI using the Kodil Repository, follow these six simple steps:

  1. Start KODI and click on the “Settings” gear icon located on the top-left corner of the screen.
  2. Select “File Manager” from the list of options that appear.
  3. Click on “Add source” and then select “None”.
  4. Type in the URL “” and click “OK”.
  5. Name the source as Kodil or any other desired name. Click “OK”
  6. Go back to KODI Home Screen, click on “Add-ons” from left sidebar, then select “Package Installer” (the open box icon) located above.

After completing these steps, you can easily find and install 123Movies Addon through thе Kodil repository. Remember to always use a VPN when accessing such add-ons for your privacy.

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Pro Tip: It is crucial to keep updating Kodi along with its addons for better performance and security.

If you’re ready to get down and dirty with your 123Movies addiction, Method 2 using the Muckys Repository is your ticket to stream land.

Method 2: Using the Muckys Repository

To install the 123Movies addon on KODI, one can also use Muckys repository. Follow the below steps:

  1. Launch KODI and select ‘System’ from the main menu.
  2. Click on ‘File Manager’ and then ‘Add Source’.
  3. In the given field, type “” and click on ‘Done’.
  4. Name this source as “Muckys” and click on ‘OK’.
  5. Return to the home screen of KODI and go to ‘System’. Click on ‘Add-ons’.
  6. Select ‘Install from ZIP file’ and choose the Muckys source.
  7. Install the repository by selecting ‘’.
  8. Once installed, select ‘Install from Repository’. Choose ‘mucky Ducks Repo’>’Video Add-ons’>’123Movies’. Click on ‘Install’.

This method is a straightforward way to install 123Movies addon without any hassle.

It is important to note that Muckys Repository is not an official KODI repository but is trustworthy according to many sources.


For those who want a truly miraculous streaming experience, turn to Jesus (Box Repository) and let the 123Movies Addon be your savior.

Method 3: Using the Jesus Box Repository

Using the Jesus Box Repository is another effective approach to install 123Movies Addon on KODI.

To get started, you need to add the Jesus Box Repository source to your KODI system. Then, install Jesus Box Repository from the ‘add-on browser.’

Once done, access the Install From Zip File option and select Jesus Box Repository; then navigate to Video Add-ons and proceed with selecting 123Movies. Finally, tap ‘install,’ and you are good to go! This method offers a straightforward installation process for users.

It’s worth noting that while this add-on provides unlimited access to movies and TV shows, it operates in a grey area of legal boundaries. Therefore, it’s advisable to use a reliable VPN service for added protection.

To ensure optimal performance of 123Movies Addon on KODI, clear cache periodically and avoid using multiple add-ons simultaneously.

Don’t worry about the common errors, just remember to breathe and try not to throw your remote at the TV.

Troubleshooting: Common Errors While Installing 123Movies Addon on KODI

When installing 123Movies Addon on KODI, some common errors can occur. These issues can hinder the smooth installation of the addon and affect the overall user experience. However, with a little troubleshooting, most problems can be quickly addressed.

Here is a three-step guide to help you troubleshoot common errors while installing 123Movies Addon on KODI:

  1. Check your internet connection and ensure it is stable and strong enough for streaming.
  2. Clean up your cache by heading to ‘Settings’, then ‘Storage’ and finally ‘Clear Cache’. This action will clear any cache that might interfere with the addon’s installation.
  3. Try reinstalling the 123Movies Addon by uninstalling it first, then restarting Kodi before re-installing it.
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It’s worth noting that some anti-virus software or Firewalls can block 123Movies Addons from fully installing. Adding an exception to your firewall settings or temporarily disabling antivirus software may solve this issue.

To further avoid common errors during 123Movies Addon installations, it is crucial to ensure that all required dependencies are installed correctly. Always download 123Movies addons from reputable downloading sources only.

Pro Tip: Before re-installing any add-ons on KODI, it’s essential to shut down KODI entirely first. This action ensures complete refreshment of KODI settings before retrying again.

Streaming just got a whole lot more illegal, but hey, it’s not like KODI cares.

Conclusion: Enjoy 123Movies Addon on KODI

For a thrilling entertainment experience, watch movies and TV shows using the 123Movies addon for KODI. With the easy installation process mentioned above, you can now stream your favorite content effortlessly.

Once installed, the 123Movies addon provides seamless access to an extensive library of movies and TV shows. The quality of the video is top-notch, and you can enjoy streaming without buffering issues.

Ensure that you clean up your KODI installation regularly to avoid any errors while accessing various addons. Moreover, always update your KODI version for enhanced performance.

Now that you are aware of how to install and use the 123Movies addon on KODI, do not miss out on new releases or popular TV shows. Simply install this incredible addon on your device and watch your favorite films at any time!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the 123Movies addon for KODI?

The 123Movies addon for KODI is a plugin that provides access to a vast collection of movies and TV shows for free. The addon offers high-quality streaming and allows users to download content for offline viewing.

2. How do I install the 123Movies addon on KODI?

You can install the 123Movies addon on KODI by following these simple steps:
  • Open KODI on your device.
  • Click on the 'Add-ons' option in the main menu.
  • Click on the 'Package Installer' icon.
  • Select the 'Install from zip file' option.
  • Navigate to the directory where you downloaded the 123Movies addon zip file and select it.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete.
  • You can now access the 123Movies addon from the 'Add-ons' section of KODI.

3. Is it legal to use the 123Movies addon on KODI?

The legality of using the 123Movies addon on KODI is a grey area. While the addon itself is not illegal, it provides access to copyright-protected content, which is illegal to stream or download without permission. It is advised to use a VPN and to only stream content that is in the public domain.

4. What should I do if the 123Movies addon is not working?

If you are experiencing issues with the 123Movies addon on KODI, try the following troubleshooting steps:
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Make sure you have installed the latest version of KODI.
  • Clear the cache and cookies of KODI.
  • Restart your device and KODI.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the addon.

5. Can I download content from the 123Movies addon for offline viewing?

Yes, the 123Movies addon for KODI allows users to download content for offline viewing. However, downloading copyright-protected content is illegal and unethical. You should only download content that is in the public domain.

6. Is the 123Movies addon for KODI free?

Yes, the 123Movies addon for KODI is free to download and use. However, you may need to pay for a VPN service to protect your privacy and access geo-restricted content.
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