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How To Keep Slack Always Active On Desktop – A Comprehensive & Detailed Guide

To stay connected and informed, Slack is essential. In this guide, we’ll explore how to keep Slack active on your desktop.

  1. Adjust your notification settings to get real-time alerts.
  2. Enable the “Auto Launch” feature and Slack will open when you start your computer.
  3. Utilize keyboard shortcuts to navigate quickly.
  4. Leverage integrations to augment Slack’s functionality.

Keeping Slack active is needy and demanding – but it’s worth it.

Why keeping Slack always active on desktop is valuable

Having Slack running continuously on your desktop is a great way to stay in contact with your team. Instantly receive messages, updates, and notifications without any delays! You’ll never miss an important message or urgent task when Slack is active. Plus, you can quickly access files and documents shared by your team.

What’s more? With Slack’s integrations to other tools, you can streamline your workflow and be super efficient. Make sure to customize notifications according to importance – this way, you’ll only get alerted about the most essential messages.

Ready to keep Slack always active on your desktop? Follow these simple steps and never miss out on the fun of real-time typing!

Step-by-step instructions on how to keep Slack always active on desktop

Slack is a great tool for communication and productivity, but keeping it running on your desktop can be tricky. Follow these steps to make sure your Slack never takes a nap and you’re always in touch with your team.

  1. Adjust Sleep Settings:
    • Open the Slack app on your desktop.
    • Go to the settings menu.
    • Look for “Preferences” and click it.
    • Under “Notifications,” find “Sleep Mode”.
    • Uncheck the box or set a longer time interval to turn off sleep mode.
  2. Customize Notifications:
    • Go back to the settings menu.
    • Select “Notifications”.
    • Review and adjust notification preferences according to your needs.
    • Enable all relevant notifications to stay updated.
  3. Set Up Do Not Disturb Hours:
    • In Slack’s settings, locate the “Do Not Disturb” tab.
    • Define specific hours when you don’t want to get notifications.
    • This will ensure you can focus on important tasks, uninterrupted.
  4. Use Keyboard Shortcuts:
    • Take advantage of the keyboard shortcuts available in Slack.
    • These shortcuts let you quickly move between channels and conversations without a mouse.
      1. Press Ctrl + / (Windows) or Cmd + / (Mac) to view a list of shortcuts.
      2. Memorize or write down common shortcuts.
      3. Practice regularly for more productivity.
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Extra Tips:

  • Enable auto-restart if you accidentally close Slack.
  • Keep your Slack app updated to access new features and bug fixes.
  • Turn on email notifications for key messages or mentions, if you’re away from your desktop.
  • Customize notification settings to avoid email overload.

Follow these steps and tips to make sure Slack stays active on your desktop, so you can stay connected and productive with your team. Let’s get productive!

Tips and tricks for maximizing Slack usage

Slack is a great collaboration tool with lots of tips to boost productivity. Here’s how to use it most effectively:

  1. Get Organized: Create specific channels for different tasks or teams to stay focused and reduce mess.
  2. Master Keyboard Shortcuts: Speed up your work by using keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse.
  3. Integrate Apps: Link Slack with other apps for improved workflows.
  4. Customize Notifications: Set notifications only for important messages and channels.

Plus, there’s message threads, starred items, and advanced search options to make Slack even better.

Did you know? Slack rose to fame in 2013. It started as an internal tool for a gaming company and is now used by millions of people in many industries.

Try out these tips and explore Slack to boost productivity at work and at home. With a bit of effort, you’ll be a Slack pro in no time!

Common issues and troubleshooting

Dealing with Common Issues and Troubleshooting:

Slack is a powerful comms tool, but like any software, sometimes it has issues. Here are some common problems and how to resolve them:

  • Slow loading times? Clear your cache or update your browser to improve performance and reduce load times.
  • Notifications not working? Check your notification settings in Slack. Make sure it has permission to send notifications on your device.
  • Connection problems? First check your internet connection. If the issue persists, try restarting Slack or reinstalling the app.
  • Missing messages? It could be due to sync issues. Refresh the page or re-open the app to fix this.
  • Eating up computer resources? Close other resource-intensive applications or reduce the number of open channels in Slack.
  • Workspace management problems? Reach out to your Slack workspace administrator for assistance.
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These troubleshooting steps fix many common issues. But if they don’t work, contact Slack support or consult their online community forums.

To prevent future problems:

  • Maintain regular updates: Keep Slack and your operating system up to date.
  • Manage notifications: Customize which channels and keywords trigger notifications to reduce distractions.
  • Optimize hardware and software: Ensure your device meets the system requirements for running Slack smoothly.
  • Communicate efficiently: Encourage team members to use relevant threads and channels.

Follow these suggestions to enhance your experience with Slack and minimize common issues. A proactive approach to troubleshooting can save you time and keep your communication flowing!


Bringin’ it all together, keepin’ Slack always active on yer desktop is possible. There be two methods for gettin’ this done:

  1. Usin’ a browser extension called “Always Active for Slack,” which keeps yer workspace alive even when yer computer gets sleepy or inactive.
  2. Adjustin’ yer computer settings to prevent it from goin’ into sleep mode—extendin’ the sleep timeout duration or disablin’ sleep mode altogether.

These methods have been tried an’ tested by many users with positive results—providin’ reliable solutions for maintainin’ continuous activity on the Slack platform, improvin’ productivity an’ collaboration among teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I keep Slack always active on my desktop?

By adjusting your notification settings, you can ensure that Slack is always active on your desktop. Go to your Slack preferences, click on the "Notifications" tab, and select the "Do not disturb" option. This will prevent your status from automatically changing to "Away" and keep Slack active at all times.

2. Can I set different notification preferences for specific channels or teammates?

Yes, Slack allows you to customize notification preferences for individual channels and teammates. Simply right-click on the channel or teammate's name, select "Notification preferences," and choose your desired settings. This way, you can stay active in important channels while reducing distractions from others.

3. Is there a way to receive Slack notifications even when it’s minimized?

Yes, you can enable desktop notifications to receive Slack updates even when the app is minimized. To do this, go to your Slack preferences, select the "Notifications" tab, and make sure the "Send desktop notifications" option is turned on. You will then receive pop-up notifications on your screen, ensuring you remain active on Slack.

4. Does Slack have a mobile app that provides always-active notifications?

Yes, Slack offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. These apps provide always-active notifications similar to the desktop version. Install the Slack app on your mobile device, enable notifications in the app settings, and stay connected with your team on the go.

5. Can I customize my status to always appear as “active” on Slack?

While Slack doesn't have a built-in option to set a permanent "active" status, you can use third-party integrations or bots to achieve this. Look for Slack integrations like "Slack Always Active" or "No DND" that allow you to maintain an "active" status regardless of your actual activity.

6. Are there any shortcuts or hotkeys to quickly switch between Slack and other applications?

Yes, Slack provides several shortcuts to enhance your productivity and switch between applications effortlessly. For example, on Windows, pressing "Ctrl + Tab" lets you cycle through your open Slack workspaces, while on Mac, you can use "Cmd + [" and "Cmd + ]" to switch between channels. Familiarize yourself with these shortcuts to remain active on Slack while managing other tasks.
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