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How To Change Input On Tcl Tv Without Remote – A Comprehensive & Detailed Guide

Do you need to change the input on your TCL TV but don’t have a remote? Fear not! Read this guide to explore different techniques and solutions.

TCL TVs are popular for their features and prices. But without a remote, navigating the inputs can be hard.

We’ll give versatile methods which can be used for multiple TCL models.

One way is to use the TV’s buttons. Learn the symbols and use them to switch inputs.

Alternatively, get a universal remote. It’ll let you regain control, even if you’ve misplaced the original.

Before tech advancements, manual manipulation was needed. Nowadays, remote controls are user-friendly and feature-rich. But there may still be times when you need to change inputs without one. So why not just use your psychic powers?

Why Changing Input on a TCL TV Without the Remote is Necessary

Changing input on a TCL TV without the remote is a must. If the remote is lost or not working, you need to find an alternative way. This guide will provide you with all the info you need. Here are five methods you can try:

  1. Look for physical buttons on the side/bottom of your TV. These are usually labeled with icons such as HDMI, AV, or Component. Press the one for the input you want.
  2. Access the On-Screen Display (OSD) menu. There should be a ‘Menu’ button near the physical buttons on your TV. Navigate to the desired input using the navigation buttons.
  3. Use a universal remote control. Program it to work with your TCL TV. Then, use it just like a regular remote control.
  4. Directly connect devices to specific inputs. Disconnect one device, and connect another directly.
  5. Use mobile apps or external devices. Smart TVs usually offer mobile apps to control various functions. You can also try HDMI switches or HDMI-CEC adapters.
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For more info, check out the user manual or contact TCL support. Now you can change inputs without a remote! There’s even an interesting piece of history regarding this – in the early days of TV, remotes weren’t a thing. People would get up and change the channel or antenna manually! With this guide, we bring back a touch of nostalgia. And if all else fails, just stare at your TCL TV until it obeys your command!

Method 1: Using the TV Controls

  1. Locate the control buttons on your Tcl TV. These usually sit on either the side or bottom of the screen.
  2. Press the power button to turn it on.
  3. Use the directional buttons to navigate through the menu options.
  4. Scroll until you find “Input” or “Source” and select it.
  5. This will enable you to choose from different input sources like HDMI, AV, or USB.

Remember to explore all available options to find the best one for you. With these steps, you can easily change inputs on your Tcl TV! Plus, newer models may have voice control features, making it even easier to switch without a remote. No need to miss out on your favorite shows and movies! Take advantage of these tips and switch inputs with the built-in controls today.

Method 2: Using a Universal Remote Control App

No remote for your TCL TV? No problem! Use a universal remote control app to explore the possibility of input changes.

  • Download and install the app from your app store.
  • Set it up by connecting your device to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Launch the app and select the TCL TV from the list.
  • Now, use the app’s interface to navigate to the input selection menu and choose your desired input source.
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You can even use the app if you’ve lost the physical remote. So, don’t worry about missing out on different content. Regain full control over your TV viewing experience with this alternative!

Method 3: Using HDMI-CEC Feature

No remote? No problem! You can use the HDMI-CEC feature to switch inputs on your Tcl TV. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure all devices connected to your Tcl TV via HDMI are HDMI-CEC compatible – like gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and sound systems.
  2. Enable HDMI-CEC in the settings menu.
  3. Turn on the device you want to use as the input source.
  4. Your Tcl TV should detect the active device and switch to its source. If not, manually select the HDMI port.
  5. Enjoy!

Note: Each brand has different names for HDMI-CEC. For example, Samsung calls it Anynet+, and Sony uses Bravia Sync. Check the user manual or search online for instructions for your model.

Pro Tip: If you’re having issues, power cycle all devices by unplugging them for a few minutes and then plugging them back in.

That’s it! Using HDMI-CEC makes switching inputs on your Tcl TV easy and remote-free. So, no need for TV drama – just enjoy different devices on your TV screen!


No need to worry! Changing the input on your Tcl TV without a remote is totally doable. Just follow the steps in this guide and you’ll be able to switch between different sources of content, hassle-free.

Options? Plenty! From using the physical buttons on the TV, to smartphone apps as virtual remotes, HDMI-CEC and universal remotes.

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Don’t let the lack of a remote discourage you. Get creative and resourceful! You can still enjoy your Tcl TV to its fullest potential.

Take action now! Explore these different methods to switch inputs on your Tcl TV, without the remote. Enhance your viewing experience and unlock entertainment possibilities. Seize the moment and enjoy your favorite shows and movies!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to change the input on a TCL TV without a remote?

Yes, it is possible to change the input on a TCL TV without a remote. There are alternative methods you can use to navigate through the TV's settings and change the input source.

2. How can I change the input on my TCL TV without a remote?

One way to change the input on your TCL TV without a remote is by using the buttons located on the TV itself. Look for buttons labeled "Input" or "Source" and press them to cycle through the available input options.

3. What if my TCL TV doesn’t have dedicated input buttons?

If your TCL TV doesn't have dedicated input buttons, you can try accessing the input settings through the TV's menu. Use the menu button on the TV and navigate through the settings until you find the input options.

4. Are there any smartphone apps that can control TCL TVs?

Yes, TCL has a smartphone app called "TCL nScreen" that can be used to control TCL TVs. Download the app on your smartphone, ensure your TV and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and follow the instructions to control your TV without a remote.

5. Can I use a universal remote to change the input on my TCL TV?

Yes, if you have a universal remote, you can program it to control your TCL TV. Consult the instruction manual of your universal remote or visit the manufacturer's website for guidance on how to set it up for your TCL TV. Once programmed, use the remote to change the input.

6. Is there any other alternative method to change the input on a TCL TV without a remote?

If you are unable to use the TV's buttons, smartphone app, or a universal remote, you may consider purchasing a replacement remote specifically designed for TCL TVs. This will provide you with the convenience of changing inputs without the original remote.
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