InternetHow To Call On Chromebook - A Comprehensive & Detailed Guide

How To Call On Chromebook – A Comprehensive & Detailed Guide

Communication is more vital than ever in this digital age. With remote work and distance learning, knowing how to call on your Chromebook is a great skill. Here’s how!

Google Voice is one of the easiest ways to make calls. Just set it up and use your existing number to receive and make calls. It’ll integrate seamlessly with your mobile device for never missing an important call.

Messaging apps like Skype and WhatsApp have voice calling features too. Install them and you can connect with anyone across the globe.

Zoom and Microsoft Teams are great for professional settings. Screen sharing and group calling make it easy to collaborate, regardless of location.

SIM cards and eSIMs are also options. Insert yours into your Chromebook and make it a standalone phone. Great for traveling or areas with limited Wi-Fi.

You have plenty of options for making calls on a Chromebook. Don’t miss out! Embrace new tech and stay connected with others. Put these methods into practice and unlock the full potential of your Chromebook for communication!

Setting Up the Chromebook for Calling

Ready to make calls on your Chromebook? Here’s a handy guide for setting it up:

  1. Connect to the internet: Ensure your device is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network or Ethernet.
  2. Update Chrome OS: Install the latest software updates to access the latest features and bug fixes.
  3. Grant access to microphone & camera: Go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Site settings. Enable access for apps/websites you use for calling.
  4. Install communication apps: Visit the Chrome Web Store and install apps like Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, etc.
  5. Test audio & video settings: Check microphone, speakers, and camera in the settings of your preferred communication app.
  6. Connect peripherals: If using external devices (headphones, headsets, webcams), connect them following instructions.
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Plus, remember to keep your Chromebook charged during calls, use headphones w/built-in mic, clean camera lens, and choose a quiet location.

My friend recently switched from traditional office phones to the Chromebook and he hasn’t looked back. Explore the world of calling on your Chromebook and get ready to connect effortlessly!

Making Voice Calls on Chromebook

  1. Connect your headset or microphone to your Chromebook.
  2. Download the Google Voice app from the Play Store or open the website.
  3. Log in with your Google account and follow the instructions.
  4. After set up, select the contact you want to call and talk away!

Google Voice offers some great features like recording calls, transcribing voicemail, and forwarding calls to other numbers. Making calls on Chromebooks has drastically improved since its introduction. Initially, web-based apps such as Skype and Hangouts were the only way to communicate. Now, Google Voice is available and anyone can enjoy voice calling from their Chromebook.

Now you know how to make voice calls with your Chromebook. No hassle, no limitations—just convenience! Give it a try today and impress your friends, family, and colleagues with your newfound tech savvy!

Making Video Calls on Chromebook

  1. Open the Google Meet app on your Chromebook.
  2. Click the “New meeting” button and enter the email or phone number of who you wanna call.
  3. Then, click on “Join now” to start a video call!

These steps make it easy to connect with people. Plus, you can share your screen during calls too. That way, you can present stuff from your device. It makes virtual communication even better.

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Let me tell you a story about video calls on Chromebook. Sarah got her Chromebook and wanted to try it out. She called her distant grandparents. With the Chromebook’s user-friendly interface, she quickly set up a call and it connected smoothly with high-quality video. It was like they were in the same room – a heartwarming experience! All thanks to their Chromebooks.

Troubleshooting Common Calling Issues

Having issues with calling on your Chromebook? Don’t worry! Follow these steps to solve common calling problems.

  1. Check your internet connection. Ensure that it’s stable and strong for uninterrupted calls. Poor quality or dropped calls occur with unstable connections.
  2. Give required permissions. Make sure your calling app has them. Go to Settings > Apps > [Calling App] > Permissions and enable microphone access.
  3. Restart your Chromebook. Closing all apps and clicking the Power button in the bottom right corner of the screen can fix software glitches. Then select Restart.
  4. Clear cache and cookies. Too much of these can affect your calling app’s performance. Go to Settings > Privacy and security > Clear browsing data, and select ‘Cookies and other site data’ and ‘Cached images and files.’ Then click Clear data.
  5. Disable browser extensions. These might interfere with your calling app. Click the puzzle piece icon in the top-right corner of the screen, select Manage extensions, and switch off any extensions that could affect calling.
  6. Update browser and app. Outdated versions cause compatibility issues. Go to Settings > About Chrome OS/About device and check for updates.

Also, update your Chromebook’s operating system. New updates often fix bugs and improve performance. Use headphones with a built-in microphone for better audio quality. If the issue persists, try connecting to a different network or contacting technical support.

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By following this advice, you can enhance your calling experience on a Chromebook. Troubleshoot technical issues fast for seamless communication.


Calling on a Chromebook is a hassle-free experience. Let’s explore some of its lesser-known features.

Chromebooks use the internet for calls. This means you can call even without a cellular network. You have several options, including web-based apps and extensions.

You can also pair Bluetooth headphones or speakers for better call quality and privacy when in a noisy environment. Remember to configure your device as the default audio output in the Settings.

In the nearby future, Chromebooks will get native support for Android apps. This offers more options for making calls, as users can access popular communication apps directly from their Chromebooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make phone calls from my Chromebook?

Yes, you can make phone calls from your Chromebook using various methods such as Google Voice, Hangouts, or other VoIP services.

How do I make a phone call from my Chromebook?

To make a phone call from your Chromebook, you can use the built-in dialer app or install a compatible calling app from the Chrome Web Store. Simply open the app, enter the phone number, and initiate the call.

Can I receive phone calls on my Chromebook?

Yes, you can receive phone calls on your Chromebook if you have a compatible calling app installed. You will need to ensure the app is set up to receive calls and grant necessary permissions.

What calling apps are available for Chromebook?

There are several calling apps available for Chromebook, including Google Voice, Hangouts, Skype, and more. These apps allow you to make and receive phone calls using your Chromebook.

Can I make international calls from my Chromebook?

Yes, you can make international calls from your Chromebook using various calling apps. However, it's important to check the app's rates and ensure you have sufficient credits or subscription for international calling.

Are there any costs associated with making calls on a Chromebook?

The cost of making calls on a Chromebook varies depending on the calling app and the type of call (local, long-distance, or international). Some apps offer free calling within certain regions, while others may require a subscription or purchase of credits for calling.
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