AndroidHow To Block Mobdro Ads Or Popups On Your Android Device

How To Block Mobdro Ads Or Popups On Your Android Device


Android Device Users Can Prevent Mobdro Ads or Popups with These Steps

If you are an Android device user and bothered by the intrusive ads that appear while streaming on Mobdro, don’t worry. To block them, you can follow these simple steps.

  1. Download and install Blokada on your device from its official site. Then enable it under the VPN option in settings and select a DNS server location of your choice. This will block all ads or popups on your device when using Mobdro.

One crucial point to keep in mind is that although Blokada works well for ad-blocking, it might also interfere with other apps or websites’ functionality, so use caution while testing it.

A source stated that Blokada is a free open source ad-blocking app, which means users will get easy access without spending any money.

Mobdro ads are like flies buzzing around your screen, but with the right knowledge, you can swat them away for good.

Understanding Mobdro Ads or Popups

Mobdro ads or popups may appear as intrusive banners or videos while accessing the app’s streaming features. These promotional contents can not only hamper user experience but also compromise device security by redirecting to unknown websites. Hence, it becomes crucial for users to understand and take necessary measures to block them.

To combat Mobdro ads or popups on Android devices, there are multiple solutions available. Users can try installing ad-blocking apps from reliable sources like Google Play Store or configuring DNS settings that filter out unwanted ads. Additionally, users can opt for a premium subscription plan that provides an ad-free streaming experience.

Apart from these measures, users should also check for any app updates and clear the cache memory of their device regularly. These practices ensure that the device is running on its optimal performance and reduces the chances of encountering malicious ads while using Mobdro.

Stories have surfaced in recent times where users have fallen prey to scams and phishing attacks due to clicking on suspicious popups while streaming content on Mobdro. Hence, being aware of such threats and taking preventive steps against them becomes more important than ever before.

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Say goodbye to pesky Mobdro ads and popups with these effective Android-blocking methods.

Ways to Block Mobdro Ads or Popups on your Android Device

To block Mobdro ads or popups on your Android device, let’s explore several solutions. Installing an ad blocker, using AdGuard, disabling data usage of Mobdro, using Lucky Patcher to remove ads from Mobdro, and clearing Mobdro data and cache are some of the sub-sections we will discuss.

Installing an Ad Blocker

If you have been frustrated by the unending ads or pop-ups on your Android device while using Mobdro, then an ad blocker is the perfect solution. Here’s how to set up an ad blocker on your Android device.

  1. Google Play Store is an excellent source for ad blockers, and you can download and install them without much hassle.
  2. Once you find your desired ad blocker app, hit ‘Download’.
  3. After installation, tap open the app.
  4. Follow simple instructions such as accepting terms and enabling essential settings.

To mention a unique detail that has not already been covered- some of these applications come with premium features and require payment to access more features. They offer better ad-blocking techniques, such as putting known advertisement sites in a blacklist.

As per recent research by Business Insider, 85% of smartphone users prefer to use apps with NO ads at all.

Block Mobdro ads like a pro with AdGuard – because nothing ruins a good binge-watch session like pesky pop-ups.

Using AdGuard

AdGuard is a useful tool for blocking Mobdro ads or popups on your Android device. Follow this 3-step guide to use AdGuard:

  1. Download and Install AdGuard App from Google Play Store
  2. Enable Ad Blocking Feature in AdGuard App
  3. Launch Mobdro app and Enjoy the Ads-free Streaming

Other unique details to mention include that AdGuard also offers a premium version that includes additional features such as parental control, DNS filtering, and more. Moreover, it can also block other types of ads on various apps besides Mobdro.

Interestingly, the original name of AdGuard was “Safari Adblocker,” which was created specifically to block ads on Mac OS X Safari browsers. Later on, it evolved into a comprehensive ad-blocking app available for mobile devices and desktops alike.

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Looks like the only thing Mobdro can’t stream is a commercial-free experience.

Disabling Data Usage of Mobdro

If you’re looking to disable the data usage of Mobdro, here’s how to go about it:

  1. Go to the “Settings” App on your Android device.
  2. Select “Apps & notifications”.
  3. Find and tap on “Mobdro”.
  4. Select “Mobile Data & Wi-Fi”.
  5. Toggle off the switch for “Allow app while Data saver is on”.
  6. Done! Mobdro will now be restricted from using your mobile data in the background.

Moreover, by disabling data usage for Mobdro, you can expect a smoother streaming experience without annoying ads interfering with your viewing pleasure. For additional ways to block ads or pop-ups on Mobdro, refer to other sections of this guide.

Pro Tip: Consider using an ad-blocking tool that works across all apps if you want seamless protection against advertisements. Get lucky and say goodbye to annoying Mobdro ads with Lucky Patcher.

Using Lucky Patcher to Remove Ads from Mobdro

Eliminating Mobdro Ads using Lucky Patcher is a simple process that requires an APK that has been successfully installed on your Android device. This paragraph elaborates on the steps to get started with.

Here’s a 6-step guide to get rid of the ads:

  1. Download and Install Luck Patcher
  2. Open the Application and find Mobdro in your app list
  3. Click the application tab and then choose “Open Menu of Patches”
  4. Select “Create Modified Apk File”
  5. Tap on “Remove Google Ads” and then click “Rebuild The App”
  6. Wait for the rebuild to complete, then uninstall Mobdro’s original version, install your modified APK.

After following these six easy steps, you can enjoy Mobdro without interruption from annoying ads.

As for unique details that haven’t been discussed in previous paragraphs, this article suggests turning off your WiFi or cellular data during initial startup after installation. Otherwise, Lucky Patcher may fail to install.

A true fact about Mobdro’s advertisement models is that although they claim not to charge for their services, ad revenues keep them up and running. According to, one can expect up to 2-3 advertisements in every loading screen or during searches.

Give Mobdro the ultimate clear-out by clearing its data and cache, like a digital version of the Kondo method.

Clearing Mobdro Data and Cache

To refresh the application and delete any accumulated data, users can opt for ‘erasing the Mobdro settings’. By clearing the app’s data and cache, users can resolve issues like ads and pop-ups appearing often.

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Here are three easy steps to clear your app’s data and cache:

  1. On your Android device, go to ‘Settings.’
  2. Scroll down to select ‘Applications’ or ‘Apps.’
  3. Select Mobdro from the list of apps shown here, then click on the option of ‘Clear Data’ followed by ‘Clear Cache’.

It is imperative that you perform a clean restart of your phone after clearing app cache files. This way, all of the app’s components will be forced to reboot completely.

While it erases all preferences and personalizations related to viewing history, Mobdro Settings elimination does not lead to loss of any other user credentials like login information.

Say goodbye to interrupting ads and hello to uninterrupted streaming with these easy Mobdro pop-up blocking tips.


After reading this article, you are now fully equipped with the knowledge to block Mobdro ads and pop-ups on your Android device. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming of your favorite TV shows and movies.

The first step is to download and install Blokada on your Android device. This ad-blocking app works by blocking all incoming traffic from known ad servers. Once installed, simply turn it on and let it do its job.

If you encounter any issues with Blokada, try turning off your VPN or changing your DNS settings. Additionally, you can whitelist certain apps that may be affected by the ad-blocker.

Overall, using a reliable ad-blocking app like Blokada can greatly improve your streaming experience on Mobdro. So give it a try today and say goodbye to annoying ads and pop-ups for good!

Pro Tip: Make sure to keep your ad-blocker up to date by regularly checking for software updates and bug fixes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mobdro?

Mobdro is a streaming application that offers free access to movies, TV shows, and live channels.

What are Mobdro ads and popups?

Mobdro ads and popups are promotional messages that are displayed on the screen while using the application. They can be quite intrusive and affect the user experience.

Can I block Mobdro ads and popups on my Android device?

Yes, there are several ways to block Mobdro ads and popups. You can use ad-blockers, install a modified version of the app, or use a VPN.

What is an ad-blocker?

An ad-blocker is a software that blocks ads from appearing on your device. There are many ad-blockers available for Android devices that can be used to block Mobdro ads and popups.

Can I use a VPN to block Mobdro ads and popups?

Yes, you can use a VPN to block Mobdro ads and popups. A VPN creates a secure and private connection between your device and the internet, which can prevent ads and popups from appearing.

Is it legal to block Mobdro ads and popups?

While blocking ads and popups is legal, modifying the app or using unauthorized versions of it may be in violation of copyright and intellectual property laws.
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